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Maximize revenue from demand response and other grid services opportunities through a single platform.

Next-generation grid flexibility

Our market-driven solutions allow smart devices to respond to real-time grid requirements in targeted areas, optimizing your earnings and your support of the electric grid.

"I think Leap is the new frontier. Leap’s model for providing a single interface for wholesale markets around the world massively unlocks and accelerates the transition we need to bring more distributed, flexible resources to market."

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David Brewster,
Co-Founder, EnerNOC; climate tech investor
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Leap's approach

By aggregating the energy market participation from a wide array of our partners' flexible loads, we supply virtual power plants to balance the grid.

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Virtually aggregate our partners' energy assets

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Bid energy and capacity into wholesale energy markets

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Share revenue with our partners

Energy markets made easy

One simple, powerful interface to the global energy markets.

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Our flexible participation model has no upfront costs or merchant risk to you.



Our single point of entry connects your energy resources to a growing array of grid services revenue opportunities across global wholesale markets.



Our platform reduces complexity by handling data collection, settlements, and customer authorizations.

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Leap sets you up for success

Transform market strategy

We offer customized bidding strategies and do all the heavy lifting required to operate across different markets.

Transform customer engagement

We provide enrollment campaign support and domain expertise on how to most effectively market grid services to your customers.

Transform resource onboarding

Our simple click-through authorization makes it easy to enroll large portfolios of customers and sites.

Monetize your energy assets.

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