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Leap is the leading partner‑centric provider of flexible load to wholesale markets.

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We help partners across various sectors
Leap works across multiple load types including residential thermostats, commercial battery storage, and EV charging.
EV Chargers

Leap’s aggregation approach enables fleets of EVs to lower carbon emissions and increase savings even further by making slight adjustments to decrease each charger's energy use during peak days.

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Leap helps to easily enroll consumer smart thermostats and commercial building management systems in grid services programs, thereby earning revenue and helping ease strain on the grid.

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Municipal and commercial pumping systems can generate financial gains and environmental benefits by participating in grid services programs via Leap.

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Residential and commercial behind-the-meter battery systems can earn rewards and help decarbonize the grid, by leveraging their stored energy at times of high demand.

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Refrigerated warehouses can earn significant payments for helping to stabilize the grid during critical periods.

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Organizations can unlock hidden revenue by adjusting their production schedules to take advantage of grid services programs aimed at helping with grid stability.

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