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Leap empowers its partners to provide zero-carbon capacity to support the grid while generating new revenue from their energy assets.

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Help speed the transition to a more sustainable, decarbonized power system.

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Optimize payouts from your energy assets.

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Leap facilitates easy enrollment into programs for your energy assets.

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Leap bids your flexible capacity into energy markets to match grid demand.

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Leap notifies you when your resources are dispatched during grid events.

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Leap distributes grid services revenue for your dispatches.

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"As an experienced market participant in several wholesale energy markets, partnering with Leap has helped EnergyHub expand and accelerate our capability to monetize demand response and distributed energy resources in new markets."

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Erika Diamond

Head of Customer Solutions, EnergyHub

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Leap’s aggregation approach enables fleets of EVs to lower the grid's carbon emissions and increase savings even further by making slight adjustments to decrease each charger's energy use during peak days.

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