Turn your energy resources into revenue.

Leap allows every connected device to help balance the grid, and get paid for it. Access wholesale markets through a single API and help build the flexible, renewable grid of the future.

During peak hours when demand for energy is high, grid operators offer financial incentives to reduce energy use in order to balance the grid.

This Demand Response, or DR, revenue has been out of reach for all but the largest players, since most users are too small or aren’t available for enough hours every day of the year.

Earn revenue for shifting energy consumption

Leap enables participation in Demand Response markets for everyone

Join forces to balance the grid

When the electric grid is stressed, we send a signal to our partners and they reduce load through their connected homes and business - thermostats, EV chargers, and the like.

Combined with other participants, those resources form a virtual power plant. Grid operators pay Leap's virtual plant just as they do for traditional power plants, and Leap pays its partners for participating.

Extract more value from each resource

A Leap DR portfolio can be greater than the sum of its parts. Local load is more valuable to the grid than regional, and individual customers rarely qualify for wholesale products. Leap combines customer capabilities, building reliable resources and extracting premium, local value for our partners.

One interface to global energy markets

One API integration that works accross utilities and grid operators for multiple grid services. No additional hardware required and you will stay in charge of your energy resources and customer experience.

Flexible participation
Participate where, when and for however long you like.
Data and settlements
We collect the data and settle for you. Disburse with a single click.
Capture Local Value
Get rewarded for the full value of your resources, wherever they are.
One single interface
One API that works across all grid operators and utilities.
Bidding control
Set up your bidding strategy in minutes.
Risk and reward
Tailor bids to maximize revenue or minimize customer impact.
Passive control
Stay in control of your devices and use your own tech stack.
Invisible integration
If you wish, your customers won’t even know we’re there.
Extensive reporting
Find out what has happened to your energy resources & bids in detail.

Adaptive by design

Leap’s platform is built to adapt as the energy market evolves. Its modular design allows for easy expansion, both in terms of geographic coverage and the addition of grid services such as generation and ancillary services.

Lowering barriers of entry to the energy markets.

Participate with any resource

No bottom limits on capacity & availability. No cash down for performance assurance

Extract more value

Optimize when, where and how much you want to sell with forecasting & automated bidding

Save time on integration

One API integration that works across utilities and grid operators for multiple grid services

No administrative burden

Skip the bureaucratic maze of the energy landscape. One simple contract with one company

Multiple choice allowed

Your customers can join multiple programs with one single registration, reducing churn & improving retention

Meddle-free & hardware agnostic

No additional hardware required and you will stay in charge of your energy resources and customer experience.

Join Leap’s virtual power plant.

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