The one stop shop for grid services.

Leap runs an exchange where partners bid in their resources, and we let you know when you are dispatched. Everything is automated and taken care of - data collection, settlement and end customer authorizations.

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Meddle-free integration & hardware agnostic

Leap is business to business exclusively, and doesn’t require any hardware on site. You will stay in charge of your energy resources and customer experience.


Customer authorizes Leap to collect utility meter data


Partner communicates price curves for capacity using Leap’s API or dashboard


Leap runs order book, matches partner’s bids and communicates aggregated bid into the grid operator’s market


When orders are taken out, partner reduces load, Leap verifies load reduction and distributes funds to partner

One-click authorization process

Your customers authorize meter access with the utility provider they know and trust.

All the features you want, none that you don’t.

Flexible participation
Participate where, when and for however long you like.
Data and settlements
We collect the data and settle for you. Disburse with a single click.
Capture Local Value
Get rewarded for the full value of your resources, wherever they’re located
One single interface
One API that works across all grid operators and utilities.
Bidding control
Set up your bidding strategy in minutes.
Risk and reward
Tailor bids to maximize revenue or minimize customer impact.
Passive control
Stay in control of your devices and use your own tech stack.
Invisible integration
If you wish, your customers won’t even know we’re there.
Extensive reporting
Find out what has happened to your energy resources & bids in detail.
Adaptive by design
Leap’s platform is built to adapt as the energy market evolves. Its modular design allows for easy expansion, both in terms of geographic coverage and the addition of grid services such as frequency regulation or voltage control.

Put your energy resources to work.

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